Many people have suggested that I start a traveling blog. I don’t disagree with them. I thrive off the idea of writing about my random adventures that I either stumble upon, impulsively buy plane tickets for or go as far as to actually plan a stay in another country. Of course I dream of being the next Cheryl Strayed or Elizabeth Gilbert, maximizing my Instagram followers while having people live vicariously through my posts and words. The idea sounds nice, exciting, ideal.

So here is me attempting to start a travel blog. I can’t guarantee I’ll post regularly, not yet. I can’t promise that I will always have brilliant insight on what to eat and where to stay. Sometimes, it will probably just be me hashing out my feelings about the latest thing I read on Thought Catalog or The Bolde. Other times it might be about a recent discovery I made as a person in her late twenties who is terrified of growing old and has a strange inclination that she will die young. Something I may have gotten from my mother (who is still alive and very much kicking by the way). But I hope, whatever the post is, that you will read and enjoy it. That you will find something to relate to or be able to respond with insights that I completely missed while trying to identify a certain event as life-changing when it really was just a fun memory.

This past year has been an incredibly life changing event one right after the other and I hardly recognize the person that I was shortly before my 26th birthday. I’ve started blogs time and time again but it was mostly me just whining about how I wanted to travel and do things but I couldn’t because I had a boyfriend or a job or [insert whatever other excuse here]. But now I feel that I have somewhat gone and made something of myself, or at least begun to. I feel accomplished despite my lack of increased financial stability or impressive career or perfect-on-paper husband. Life is good. It’s challenging and surprising every single day. For that, I feel lucky, blessed and incredibly thankful. I was never meant to live an ordinary life, nor do I condemn those who do. One of the most popular phrases I have heard while traveling, whether it be serious or not, has been “You do you.” And I hope that you will do you, let me do me and together we find a way to make an impact on this big world of ours.

So here is to adventures, small or big, life-changing or simply funny moments, and to life itself. Always have courage and be kind – these two qualities will take you incredibly far and give you the power to do things you never even thought possible.

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