Dear Iliza…

One of my dearest friends, Jennifer, recently met with me for a roomie reunion lunch over sushi and – now this might sound dramatic – it kind of changed my life. Jenn is one of those people who is beautiful both inside and out. She’s caring, sweet, inspirational, driven, beautiful, smart and funny. She’s awesome. Now, not only did this wonderful former roommate of mine surprise me with an incredibly sweet card and Victoria Secret travel set but she introduced me to Miss Iliza Shlesinger.

Boom: #partygoblin happened.

I often catch myself going on many a rant about topics such as modern-day feminism, what it really means to be a women, how much guys are… well, guys and how not to take life too seriously. But never, and I mean never, have I stumbled upon a person who knew not only how to to laugh at it all but who could actually put all of these thoughts, ideas and rants into complete AND HILARIOUS sentences. After watching Confirmed Kills on Netflix, I was completely sold.

I want to be Iliza when I grow up.

The beauitful and buff comedian is 33-years-old and I swear that woman has got life figured the fuck out. Not only is she a symbol of women empowerment but the girl isn’t afraid to make jokes about her own sex while still maintaining the truth that women run this fucking planet.

It’s easy as a single girl in her late twenties to be discouraged. Not only do we have the pressures of marriage, kids and mortgages tossed at us from all sides but we also have beauty products, fitness routines, diet plans, swimsuit season, Tinder, Bumble, coffee dates, not enough drinking, too much drinking, whore, slut, feminist… just to name a few that we also have to deal with. DAILY. And while Iliza does point all of this out, she simplifies it. She calms us down and looks at it from a stronger perspective. Because in the end, life shouldn’t be taken so damn seriously. Like seriously, all you mermaids, party goblins and cowprint-wearing adults out there really just need to calm the fuck down.

So dear Iliza, thank you for showing up in this world. We women have needed you for so long. Lead the way sister!